What we do now, as a Nation, determines the outlook for our next generation.  It's important that we pass along a financially stable Country. One that will allow our future generations unlimited possibilities to live out the American Dream. As your Candidate for U.S. Congress, I'm running for future generations! 

Democrat John Morrow For U.S. Congress

Alternative Form of Government







National Domestic Terrorist Act/GunLaws

I will legislate a Domestic Terrorist Act Law. This law will affect terrorist acts and gang violence perpetrated by American Citizens. ​It would identify
certain crimes and classify them as a terrorist act, and prosecute them outside the criminal justice system.


Under the Gentrification process, I'd like to add specific procedures. 

1. Add tax caps for existing low-income property owners. 

Providing tax caps helps eliminate current residents from being pushed out of their neighborhoods due to house price increases. 

2. Add Financial/Private Investments to the communities.

Economic Development/Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

I will meet with the Mayors in the second congressional district to hear what their visions are for their cities in the next 10-years. I will discuss how using Gentrification and TIF should be implemented to ensure success.

Creating New Jobs through payroll tax deductions

Tax cuts create jobs, but the results vary. I would focus on payroll tax cuts that target new hires. 

Flexibility to invest in your Social Security

I will support legislation that allows Medicare to press for rebates similar to the kind that Medicaid receives.


I'll look at opportunities to raise the retirement age to 68. The next generation could invest 6.2% of their social security tax in a financial institution that he/she chooses. The investment would be pre-taxed. The other half from your employer (6.2%), would go toward the employee's social security retirement fund. Our social security system would gradually slow down. Funds would remain available, less depletion. 


In return, citizens would receive a smaller payment on their social security. One could make up the difference. The difference is his/her financial investments. Citizens could withdraw their private investments at the age of 65 (tax-free). Three years before their retirement. 

Health Insurance Program for all

I support Senator Bernie Sanders Medicare for all. 
I would add to the program access to all Illegals if the pathway to citizenship has begun. 

Reparations VS Repair

Reparations are a payment of time, effort, or money to undo past transgressions.  
These funds should be used in conjunction with gentrification, Tiff, and educational programs for descendants of slaves.

Education & Student Loan Reform

I will study New York's Excelsior Scholarship Program. It allows qualifying students free Tuition at 88 state's public colleges and university campuses. I will also work with all the Mayors in the district. I'll discuss ten ways for each Mayor to improve their local schools. 

Illegal Immigration

I'll make our vetting process stronger. I will impose an 18-month moratorium. Under this law, all illegal immigrants must register to begin the pathway to citizenship. It's time to control our borders with innovative technology.  Drones, satellite, and minimum troops on the ground. Security through technology is less expensive than building a wall. 

Small Farms VS Agri Farming 

I'll look at the advantages and disadvantages of small family farms and international corporate farming.